Daily Archives: April 1, 2020

Positive Communication: Wellbeing and Coping Strategies

We have some handy advice on positive communication, wellbeing and coping strategies from our Adult Services Department. Why not have a look over them while having that morning coffee☕️ Let’s start today happy 😁 Click on the image below to start the gallery:  

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Talking to Children About COVID-19

It’s important to talk to children about the Coronavirus but remember your child’s age. Please have a look at some recommendations for when talking about COVID-19 to children.

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Keeping Active & Exercise Videos

You may be confined to home at present so it’s really important to do what you can to stay active. Exercise comes in different forms from those that build up a sweat and increase your breathing to those that relax the muscles and calm your breathing, and all of these can be achieved in your […]

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3 Simple Steps to Calm the Mind

This is an incredibly stressful time filled with uncertainly and worry. Parents are understandably concerned about the health of their children, their loved ones and themselves. The CRC Psychology Department will be making available information which will support parents to appropriately answer their children’s questions about COVID-19. We offer suggestions about how best to adapt […]

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