Welcome to the Central Remedial Clinic

The CRC was established in 1951 as a result of the inspiration and inventiveness of 2 remarkable women, Lady Valerie Goulding and Kathleen O’Rourke. The CRC has grown from strength to strength and today provides services for over 4000 children and adults across 7 different sites in Ireland.

The CRC is committed to providing excellence and delivering services that matter and make a real difference in lives of people with disabilities.

We are involved in many different ways in the lives of our clients through early medical and clinical assessment, to education and support.

Our adult services are passionate about inclusion and service user involvement and have an exceptional track record in training and education and support for adults of all ages.

We have two excellent schools that we are very proud of and have incredible parental support providing preschool, primary and post primary education.

Our specialist services strive to continue in their pursuit of excellence through continuing education and research and we work closely with many different agencies across the heath, social, voluntary and charity sector to this end.

Change is inevitable and we have been facing change for many years but none more acutely than in the last 12 months.We have embraced a new and transparent approach to how we do our business we are implementing robust governance for the organisation and we are preparing to sign up to the Governance Code and the Guiding Principles for Fundraising for Fundraising Guidelines.

Stephanie Manahan, CEO