Quality standards

Our commitment to standards

In the Central Remedial Clinic, we are committed to providing the highest standards of care and support to people with disabilities who attend our services and to their families.


We try to provide a safe and accessible environment for our clients.


All of our departments are committed to delivering safe, accessible and effective services. These services are centred on the needs of people with disabilities, and are in line with best practice and available evidence.

Meeting our commitment

Together with the people who attend our services, we try to meet our commitment to high quality service by


  • Consulting with people with disabilities and their families, through client satisfaction surveys, interviews, family forums, advocacy groups and feedback from our policy on compliments, comments and complaints


  • Seeking advice from our staff on how to deliver effective person and family-centred care , through regular review of our work and measures of our outcomes


  • Working closely with the organisations which fund our services


  • Auditing ourselves against national standards and regulation, and putting quality improvement plans in place, based on the results of these audits

Continuous quality improvement

The Clinic is fully committed to an Ireland where people with disabilities have trouble-free access to quality services which facilitate their right to full participation in society.


In this context we will continually review and improve our services and practice to deliver on this commitment.