There is free parking for families and clients attending the Clinic in Clontarf but there is a high demand for parking places, so it is sometimes difficult to find a space.


There is a large drop off bay for clients directly outside the main entrance. There are designated spaces reserved for families with toddlers and buggies, and for wheelchair users. These spaces are close to the main entrances. Anyone using spaces for wheelchair users must display a valid European Parking Card.


Parking is only permitted in the marked spaces (between white lines).


Please do not

  • Block other vehicles
  • Park on double yellow lines
  • Park on yellow box junctions or grass verges
  • Occupy spaces designated for our school buses.


Please respect the needs of local residents and other car park users.


There is a maximum speed limit of 15 km per hour in the car parks. Pedestrians have priority and remember that some people have disabilities so we would ask you to show consideration.


Overnight parking is not allowed.


All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. The CRC does not accept liability for any loss, consequential loss, or damage.


CRC reserves the right to remove or clamp any vehicles which obstruct access for emergency vehicles or if not parked in a marked space. No liability is accepted for any damage resulting from the removal of any vehicle by the CRC.


Swimming Pool Parking

If you are using the swimming pool, please do not park at the back of the building during the working day as this is reserved for school traffic and school buses.