Balance Activities

## As these are General Exercises ideas please ensure your child’s safety by supervising your child when doing the exercises. Please provide your child with as much support as is needed.##

Balance activities for home:
Balance is a combination of using our visual (eyes), vestibular (movement of fluid in our ears) and proprioceptive senses (joint position or sense of where our body is in space).

They work together to help us keep our centre of gravity (the middle of our body) within our base of support (contact with the surface). So any activity that changes any of these things will start to challenge our balance system.

E.g. if you change your base of support from your feet wide apart to feet close together, you will start to work on your balance

If you change the surface you walk on you are changing your base of support so you will start to work on your balance, e.g. walking on grass, walking on pillows
If you close your eyes or look up to the sky, you will start to challenge your balance, e.g. watching falling balloon, trying to catch bubbles

Games to play:
Standing on one leg
Practice standing with one foot on a step
Standing with a foot on a ball
Standing on an unsteady surface, e.g. standing on pillows (make sure the pillow is on a non-slip surface such as a carpet)
Standing looking upwards, e.g. catching balloon, popping bubbles
Standing with one foot in front of the other
Walking along a line

Try to make balance activities fun and part of play. The following link provides some fun ideas to work on balance

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