Over the summer our swimming pool had to close without notice due the failure of a multi-port valve on a filter in the plant room, which is the basement under the pool. Because of this sudden failure, the pool contents emptied into the basement of the pool, causing irreparable damage to all the pool plant and machinery for both the main pool and more importantly our much relied upon hydrotherapy pool.

Following the initial incident management process the insurers had to review and investigate the incident. Following their investigations they agreed that the reparation works would be covered by the insurance. The insurers agreed with the appointment of Atkins Engineers to oversee the works. This work has now commenced and specialist equipment i.e. pool filters and pumps have been ordered. The plant room repair works are underway and we hope to have the pool back working by the end of the year/early next year; notwithstanding any infrastructural or other issues.

We thanks all clients and customers for their patience and Shay and the team will be delighted to welcome you back soon.

Michelle Merrigan
Communications Manager
Central Remedial Clinic
Penny Ansley Memorial Building
Vernon Avenue
Dublin 3

E: mmerrigan@crc.ie

T: 01 8542417

M: 087 180 3976

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