What we do

Our main kitchen in Clontarf offers a variety of food and drinks.


Located off the main dining area, we serve over 250 meals a day, including hot meals to the school children attending Central Remedial Clinic School and young people and adults attending our training courses and programmes. We prepare food to suit clients with different eating and drinking needs.


We also provide food for staff, families, other clients and visitors.


Food and drinks are available to purchase from 9.30am until 3.30pm from Monday to Friday.

Food safety

Catering in the Clinic is fully compliant with all necessary regulations in relation to food safety, and health and safety.


Our HACCP system is revised on a yearly basis or when there is a change in legislation. HACCP means Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point. It refers to a food safety management system we must put in place to ensure the food we produce is safe. It is based on theĀ principles of HACCP.


Our catering staff are fully trained and our kitchen is inspected regularly by the Environmental Health Officer.