Get the most from your visit

Who can come along

We welcome new clients coming to the Clinic. Parents, carers and family members are welcome to attend with babies, toddlers or children. Teenagers and adults often attend appointments on their own.


Brothers and sisters sometimes come along, although it can be difficult to listen to what we are telling you if you are trying to keep a watch on other children.


Things to bring

It can sometimes be a long day when you visit us, so you might like to bring toys, games or activities to keep children occupied.


Some families bring drinks or snacks, although you can buy food in our catering kitchen in Clontarf.


You might need to bring extra nappies or milk for babies, and if you or your child has to undress for an examination, you might like to bring shorts or a swimsuit for them to change into.


Asking questions

Many people are shy about asking questions, but you shouldn’t be. Knowing ahead of time what to ask us will help you get the most out of your first visit. It helps if you write everything down in advance, including any questions you might want answered.


We want to make sure you understand about your treatments and programmes. If you don’t understand what we are telling you, don’t hesitate to ask us to explain again.



Animals in the clinic

Assistance dogs and guide dogs for people with disabilities are welcome in the clinic. Please make sure they are clean and up-to-date with immunisations.


If your dog has an accident or makes a mess in the Clinic, we would ask you to please clean up after it.


Other dogs and animals are not allowed.