General Exercise Ideas at home

## As these are General Exercises ideas please ensure your child’s safety by supervising your child when doing the exercises. Please provide your child with as much support as is needed.##

General Exercise Ideas at home
Keep up your healthy routines
Your routine may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak in different ways. but during difficult times like this, it’s best if you can keep some structure to your day.
It’s important to pay attention to your needs and feelings, especially during times of stress. you may still be able to do some of the things you enjoy and find relaxing.

For example, you could try to:
*Excercise regularly, especially walking – you can do this even if you need to self-quarantine
*Keep regular sleep routines
*Maintain a healthy, balanced diet
*Avoid excess alcohol
*Practice relaxation techniques such as breathing
*Read a book
*Search for online exercise or yoga classes, concerts, religious services or guided meditation

Online Resources

Cosmic Yoga

Don’t worry about the app all videos can be watched on youtube
Pick a level and a duration that works for you and your family

General Physical Activity Guidelines

Below are the National Guidelines for Physical Activity for Children.
Have a look at the list, what could you do at home? in the back garden?…/our…/heal/physical-activity-guidelines/

If all else fails, turn up the music and DANCE!

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