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You may be confined to home at present so it’s really important to do what you can to stay active. Exercise comes in different forms from those that build up a sweat and increase your breathing to those that relax the muscles and calm your breathing, and all of these can be achieved in your own home, at your own pace! You can monitor how hard you are working using the Rate of Perceived Exertion i.e. am I doing a light activity that I can maintain for many hours or very hard activity that I am going to have to stop real soon!

Any form of exercise is good for our health and wellbeing. The main exercise everyone associates with is Cardiovascular work, but most workouts will incorporate a variety of exercise types.

Cardiovascular: involves exercising multiple muscle groups and getting the heart rate up. It can include walking /stair climbing / standing up and sitting down, activities can be made as easy or as difficult as you want.

Strengthening exercises: involves keeping our muscles strong so we can perform powerful movements. This might include having the power to stand up from a low seat, lifting a full kettle or being able to open a jar. Strength is specific to the muscle being worked so to strengthen your arms push-ups or overhead lifts work well, to strengthen your legs squats and step-ups work well and to strengthen your core or abdominals Pilates or stability exercises are very good.

Flexibility – involves improving soft tissue control around joints to allow normal movement and prevent injury. Every day you stretch to aid normal activities like putting on shoes and socks. Yoga is a really good way to do flexibility focused work out.

Another important element of control that can be exercised is Balance. Balance is about having the strength to control the main parts of your body while performing activities while seated or standing, usually to stop you from falling over! Anytime you move, whether to perform a heavy lifting task or scratch your nose you are using the systems of balance. Staying strong, fit and flexible will help maintain your balance.

Whether you can walk independently, use a walker or use a wheelchair the take-home message is to stay moving!!

Here are some helpful videos you can work along with at home. Remember you have to work to your own capabilities, but by all means, start small!
Please do not attempt exercises that put you at risk!

Below is a list of videos you can watch to work out with. Enjoy!

October 2022

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