The importance of roles, habits & routines

Due to the Covid-19 virus and in line with HSE guidelines on social distancing, schools and many workplaces are closed which has caused many parents to work from home where possible. This has resulted in many families staying at home with reduced contact with social supports that we usually have around us. You will be experiencing changes in your daily routines and in many of the tasks that you would typically do every day. This may place additional pressures and stresses on parents/guardians and children. As occupational therapists, we know the importance of maintaining routines. Having a purpose to your day and engaging in meaningful daily occupations will help maintain our physical and mental health at this challenging time. Routines give us structure to our days, helping us to plan and carry out the things that we want to and need to do.

Tips for Parents/Guardian/Carers:

· Get up at the same time that you normally would

· Think of your day in chunks of time, this will help you plan your routine

· Try to have regular mealtimes

· Make time for exercise, listening to music, podcasts, reading books, listening to stories

· Getting out in the garden, going outside (while maintaining social distance)

· Take frequent breaks

September 2021

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