Tax efficient giving

 Did you know that you can give more to the CRC, without costing you a single cent?


When you donate €250 or more over the course of a year, we could be able to claim tax back on your donation, allowing your gift to go even further.


How it works

If you are a PAYE-only taxpayer and have given €250 or more to the CRC in one tax year, we can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donations.


For example, if you have made an annual donation to the Central Remedial Clinic of €250:

  • the tax is grossed at 31% – your donation will be worth €362.32  – an additional €112.32 to the CRC.


What to do

We send all our donors who have donated €250 or more over the course of a year a Revenue Form by post. All you have to do is sign and return this form to us at:


Fundraising Department

Central Remedial Clinic

Vernon Avenue


Dublin 3


If you make a regular donation to the CRC we will send the form to you in April, or if you have made a one off donation of over €250 we will send you out a Revenue Form by post with your receipt and letter of thanks.


Once you return your signed form we will look after it from there.


Self-assessed tax payers and companies

  • If you are a self-assessed tax payer; although we cannot claim tax on your donation, you can claim for tax relief when filing your tax return and reduce the cost of making your donation.


  • Companies donating more than €250 can also claim tax relief by including the claim on the company’s tax return.



The details you provide are totally confidential and we will not use the information you provide on your form for anything other than the tax claim.

For more information on the scheme see Tax Relief on Donations to Eligible Charities.