Significant changes to fundraising at the CRC

Since September 2014, our new Board and new CEO have made significant changes to how the funds you raise for us are accounted for and spent:

  • A new separate bank account for all fundraised money has been set up

  • Every single one of our donations and fundraising incomes are tracked and reconciled on a monthly basis

  • Procedures for lodging and accessing these funds are in place

  • We have signed up to the Code of Governance

  • We are committed to complying with the Guiding Principles for Fundraising for Fundraising

  • We have published the annual report for 2013 and are finalising the 2014 annual report for publication at the moment. See here for the 2013 Annual Report

  • In addition, we are in the process of updating our website to make sure you know what money is being raised for the CRC and how it is being spent

The CRC is committed to being accountable and transparent so that donors, prospective donors and fundraisers can have full confidence in the CRC and we promise we will effectively apply your gifts to us for their intended purposes. Our Donor Charter can be viewed Donor Charter