How we spend your money

Charitable funds make a real difference to children and adults attending the CRC’s services, as they fund equipment and projects that would not otherwise exist.

Since September 2014, your fundraised money has purchased a wide range of essential equipment so that:

Our families can

  • get the most appropriate assessments for their child

Our school children can

  • learn in an accessible, engaging and interactive way

Our adult service users can

  • learn interactively in the most user-friendly way and have accessible classrooms that are comfortable to learn and study in
  • attend local centres that are well maintained and decorated

Our nurses can

  • make it easier for children with eating, drinking and swallowing challenges to get the nutrition they need,
  • support children who have high dependency needs such as tracheotomies so they can enjoy school but receive urgent care on site if needed

Our dieticians can

  • help families understand how well their child is growing

Our physiotherapists can

  • support young babies who are unable to hold themselves in a position and help their parents and carers test equipment that is the right for their child
  • assist people with muscular dystrophy who have difficulties coughing
  • help children to be as mobile as possible

Our psychologists can

  • give children the most up-to-date and accurate educational assessments so that they can go to best school for their needs

Our speech and language therapists can

  • enable children with speech and language difficulties to communicate either through innovative eye gaze technology or other communication aids that are the best fit for them.

In 2015 we have already identified a number of projects and plan to use your money to:

  • Purchase a mini-bus for adult service users to avail of
  • Run a summer camp for children who use our services
  • Construct a family room at CRC Clontarf so that families have a comfortable space to relax, do homework and entertain siblings in-between appointments
  • Upgrade the pre-school kitchen and bathroom at Scoil Mochua that are in desperate need of refurbishment
  • Improve the dining and reception areas for the people who use our services in Clontarf
  • Construct a fully accessible training kitchen for our adult service users in Clontarf to improve their learning experience
  • Provide a number of adult service users with a much needed summer holiday
  • Upgrade the catering kitchens in Hartstown and Firhouse local centres, which serve many of our adult service users five days a week
  • Support research into the areas of gait analysis and assistive technology
  • Revamp the playground and undertake major gardening works at Scoil Mochua giving our pupils a stimulating environment to play and learn
  • Purchase valuable equipment such as communication aids, assessment wheelchairs, assistive technology and IT equipment and replace out of date equipment
  • Make sure our centres are structurally sound and upkeep our buildings and grounds. While boring, it’s essential!
  • Develop new centres as we respond to our growing services.


Our new Board and CEO are absolutely committed to making sure fundraising at the CRC is transparent and accountable. In this short time we have made significant progress on the steps we need to take but as this develops further we will update you here.

In the meantime, if you would like any more information on fundraising at the CRC, please email us on or call us on freephone 1800 612 612.


The CRC is committed to being accountable and transparent so that donors, prospective donors and fundraisers can have full confidence in the CRC and we promise we will effectively apply your gifts to us for their intended purposes. Our Donor Charter can be viewed Donor Charter