How we will help you


Occupational therapy usually start with an assessment when we find out more about you, such as


  • Your early development
  • How you are managing at home or in school
  • What activities you want to be able to do
  • What equipment you use


During the assessment, we might also


  • Watch how you play
  • Assess your home and school environment
  • Use specific assessment activities


We will work with you, your parents or teachers to find the best solutions for learning everyday skills.

Early intervention for babies and toddlers
School programme











We will discuss the results of your assessment and agree therapy goals with you and your family. Your occupational therapy programme will be unique to you. It usually takes place in the occupational therapy department of the Central Remedial Clinic. Your programme might include


  • One-to-one with the occupational therapist for a block of sessions
  • Part of a group with other toddlers or children
  • Part of a therapy programme with other departments of the CRC, including Speech and Language Therapy (hyperlink) or Physiotherapy (hyperlink).
  • Activities for home and school


Our facilities at the CRC include adapted environments and equipment including


  • Kitchen
  • Independent living area
  • Sensory room
  • Splinting and casting facilities
  • Assessments and toys


Special equipment might help you with tasks such as bathing and eating. Your occupational therapist may come to visit your home and recommend equipment or changes to your environment to help you participate in daily activities. These changes might mean a ramp or an accessible shower in the bathroom.

We review your goals regularly to be sure they are relevant to you and that therapy is meeting your needs.

Early intervention for babies and toddlers

We provide an early intervention programme to help babies, toddlers and their parents. When you bring your baby to the department, we will assess her to see how she manages different activities, including


  • Using her hands to do things
  • Eating, dressing and playing
  • Social skills


We make recommendations for


  • Equipment
  • Treatment programmes
  • Preparation for pre-school and school

School Programme

Our occupational therapy department provides a school service for children who attend CRC services and


  • CRC School Clontarf (hyperlink to relevant webpage)
  • Scoil Mochua Clondalkin (hyperlink to relevant webpage)
  • Local schools


The service includes assessment and recommendations for


  • Participation in the school curriculum
  • Independence skills
  • Leisure activities


We work with teachers, special needs assistants and workers in other CRC departments. We support and assist the school in the development of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each child. Clinic based therapy, home visits and school visits are part of the service. We focus on


  • School participation
  • Group work
  • Home programme