Our school ethos and facilities


The Central Remedial Clinic School provides an atmosphere and environment in which each pupil develops educationally, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually to the maximum of his or her potential. We are flexible when planning for and meeting the individual needs of each child.


We provide a broad range of experiences that will enrich the quality of each pupil’s life providing for any learning, physical or other disadvantage the pupil may have.


When we are designing the curriculum, we consider the realities of the pupil’s life outside school and his or her future life. In partnership with parents, families and other professionals, we encourage each child to become as independent as possible and to develop his or her personality and skills to live life to the full.


We endeavour to make each day a fulfilling and challenging experience in the life of each child, while working within a framework of realistic long term goals.


Integrated learning

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