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Early intervention



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Early Intervention


We provide an early intervention programme so that we can help babies and toddlers. Working with children when they are very young gives the best results. If you attend other departments in the CRC with your baby or toddler, our Speech and Language Therapists will provide early intervention assessment and treatment through a team assessment.




If you are a child or an adult coming to see us for the first time, we will assess your skills to learn more about how we can help you. During your assessment you will be asked about your concerns, goals and priorities. Your Speech and Language Therapist will carry out an assessment using a range of tools. This assessment may include


  • Taking a case history
  • Using standardised assessments
  • Informal assessments


For children, the assessment might also include play-based activities.

This assessment may be carried out with other team members from our Physiotherapy (hyperlink) and Occupational Therapy (hyperlink) departments.




When we find out about your individual areas of need, we will develop a treatment plan that is designed for you. We will discuss this with you and with your parents or carers and we will answer any questions that you may have. Your treatment plan aims to help you with your difficulties. It might be carried out through a home programme or in therapy sessions in the CRC with your Speech and Language Therapist. It may include


  • One-to-one appointments with your therapist
  • A group therapy programme with other children or adults
  • A therapy programme with other team members such as Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy
  • A home or school programme


It may also include working with your local therapist, or training for you, your family or other important people in your life


Family involvement


Parents and families play a vital role in your therapy programme. Parents and carers are welcome and encouraged to attend sessions. This gives families a chance to learn about the therapy and help with carry-over at home. This is especially important as communication is a two-way process. Please ask us questions if you don’t understand something or if your family is having problems with any aspect of the therapy programme.


You may be provided with a home programme, which will be updated regularly. This home programme is very important. It is essential that you implement it at home, with the support and help of your parents and carers. Your therapist will discuss it with you.

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