My name is Alan. I would like to think I’m an advocate for people with disabilities because the Central Remedial Clinic School has given me the confidence to talk to people and be a positive role model for people with disabilities.


I started in the Central Remedial Clinic School when I was four years old. My first teacher was called Mandy. She was very nice to me. I played Joseph in the school nativity play and I made my Holy Communion and Confirmation with my class.


I have met a couple of famous people through the years. One of them was the Minister for Education and Skills at the time, Mary Hanafin. I also met the former president of Ireland, Mary Mc Aleese.


Just because I’m a wheelchair user, it doesn’t mean I can’t take part in activities. I like swimming and wheelchair hurling. Even though I can’t hold a hurl, I still participate. We won the Peter Newman hurling trophy four times.


As I moved up the school I could feel myself getting more capable of doing more challenging work. I sat my Junior Certificate exams and I passed with flying colours. I got two honours, in Music and Civic, Social and Political Education. I was very happy with the outcome of my exams. The teachers and special needs assistants in my school are very supportive.


I know I’m in a safe environment when I’m in the Central Remedial Clinic.