I was a little unsure about what to do when I finished school. My teacher told us about Rehabilitative Training in the Central Remedial Clinic and after a visit to the centre, I chose to come to the Clinic to take part in the programme.


I was very shy when I first joined but I’m happy here now and I’ve made lots of new friends.


During my time in the Clinic, I’ve taken part in lots of subjects, in particular Independent Living Skills, which teaches me all about food and cookery, budgeting, shopping, clothes care and household maintenance. I have now become a lot more independent and I enjoy helping my mother doing the household chores.


I think I have done well changing from my school to Rehabilitative Training. I am now ready to move to the next stage of my training, which is a FÁS funded Employability Skills Programme. This will help me to develop practical skills I can use when I start working.