Lucy’s mum

I was full of dreams and hopes of how life would be great with my little girl. Life was almost perfect, except that I can’t quite describe the uneasiness I felt as soon as I saw baby Lucy.


She had a thick mop of black hair, but she was limp in my arms. Something was not right. She was only 2 days old when a doctor in the hospital told me Lucy was not the same as other babies, but there was no definite diagnosis.


Lucy was 10 months old when I first walked though the doors of the Central Remedial Clinic. A new journey was about to begin.


Lucy now has a team of people looking after her in the Clinic. Each of them does amazing work. She has physiotherapy and we see her consultant regularly. There are lots of appointments, including the feeding clinic, a hydrotherapy programme and a psychological assessment. I joined the parent and toddler group and look forward to the weekly meetings.


Today Lucy is a wonderful little girl. She doesn’t speak, but communicates through sign language and play. She is a hilarious little girl who is always smiling and up to mischief. She has started in the Central Remedial Clinic school.


I might not be on the journey that I planned and although I can’t change things, I can change how I deal with them. I  take each day as it comes and Lucy’s smile says a thousand words.