I love the Central Remedial Clinic. My favourite thing about being here is getting a power chair and learning how to use it.


I got my first wheelchair when I came to the Central Remedial Clinic School. I like learning to be more independent.


I use my manual chair at home and my power chair in school. I use my power chair for physical education, going to the garden, going on the sponsored walk and travelling to and from therapies.


I like learning my numbers in maths. I also love going swimming with my class. We have fun in the pool.


Before coming to the Central Remedial Clinic, I communicated ‘yes’ and ‘no’ by nodding or shaking my head because I find it difficult to talk. When I started school here, my therapist in the Speech and Language department made me a communication board to help me communicate. This had pictures on it that I chose. I got very good at using that. I used a Big Mac, which could record sentences and phrases. Then I got a Step-by-step, which I used to tell my news from home. My brother Claudiu recorded my home news so I could share it with my class.


Now I have just started using my Tobii eye gaze system. This means I can access computers and I have a voice. I use it for my news, number work, writing and communicating during class activities. I can bring it home to tell my family my news. It gives me more control over my world.