Shea’s mum

When my beautiful son Shea was born, I felt the luckiest woman on earth. I had the perfect baby. I didn’t think for a second anything could be wrong. Nothing could have prepared me when the doctor told me my son had Cerebral Palsy. I couldn’t even ask what the future meant. All I knew was that my beautiful baby boy had a disability for life.


A few months later, I walked through the doors of the Central Remedial Clinic. I was so nervous but tried hard to be brave. Shea started physiotherapy and after a while, I joined the parent and toddler’s group run by the Social Work department.


Shea is a different little boy now than he was when he first started in the Central Remedial Clinic. He’s walking. He has physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy. He also sees the consultant every four months. He has his bad days when his legs get tight and he has weak shoulders and hips, but he is getting stronger.


Before we started in the Clinic, I felt like a black cloud was hanging over me. While I still get my bad days, I feel much more positive about Shea’s future, knowing he will get the help and support he needs.