Specialised seating

In specialised seating, our aim is to increase your independence, comfort, health and quality of life. We do this by providing correct seating for you.


Correct seating will


  • Enhance your breathing and digestion
  • Improve your posture and comfort
  • Improve your skin health
  • Increase your function and productivity
  • Minimise pain and discomfort
  • Promote your independence


We carry out a seating assessment and we make recommendations to address your concerns and to support you to achieve your goals. We design and model customised seats, mobility devices and postural systems for you and we recommend solutions to meet your needs.


What we need to find out during a seating assessment


We need to find out about you and your lifestyle, so that we can select the best seating system for you. You, your therapists and your family and carers are important in this process.


We need to learn about


  • Your goals. What wheelchair and options can help you best meet your personal goals?
  • Your health. We review your posture, body weight, pain type and severity, severity of your spasticity, bladder and bowel management, and pressure ulcer history.
  • Your function. The proper equipment can make your life easier and enhance your daily living activities.
  • Your environment. We try to find a wheelchair that fits more easily into your environment.
  • Any transportation issues
  • Transferring to and from your wheelchair at home and other environments