Computer screens

How we will help you


When you come to us for your gait analysis, you will be with us for about 2 hours.


There are lots of measurements and checks we have to do to find out about you and your walking difficulties, but nothing we do will hurt you.


We will


  • Take measurements of your height and weight
  • Measure the movement in your joints, your muscle control and muscle strength
  • Video you walking barefoot
  • Stick small electronic markers on your hips and legs with double sided sticky tape and elastic straps. These do not hurt and are used to measure your walking
  • Ask you to walk up and down our walkway several times. We will give you a rest so you don’t get tired
  • Watch how you walk in different conditions, such as barefoot, wearing any orthoses you may have, using different mobility aids, and so on
  • Learn about your walking endurance and ability to balance



When we have finished, we will have a collection of computer data, graphs and other information about how you move and walk. We write up a report on these results, which will help your medical team to recommend the best treatment for you.


Your report will be sent to the medical consultant or doctor who referred you, and to anybody else you wish to nominate. We also give you, or your parents and carers, the choice to receive a full copy of your report.


We try to send out reports within two weeks of your assessment date, although it can sometimes take a little longer. If you want to know the status of your report, please contact the gait laboratory secretary.

What you should wear for gait analysis


Gait analysis is usually done in your swim-wear because we need to see how your body moves. We stick markers on your pelvis, so girls need to bring a two-piece swim-suit and boys need to bring swimming shorts.


Please bring with you any specialist equipment you use, such as orthoses (splints or in-soles in your shoes), customised shoes or mobility aids (such as crutches or a walking frame).