How we will help you



When you are referred to us, we carry out an assessment. This helps us to learn how your body moves. The assessment depends on your age and ability.

We sometimes invite therapists from other CRC departments, including Occupational Therapy (hyperlink) or Speech and Language Therapy (hyperlink), to the assessment.


What happens during the physiotherapy assessment?

During a first assessment, we observe how you move in different positions. An assessment can sometimes take a few visits to complete because we need to find out about


  • Muscle strength and co-ordination
  • Motor development
  • Posture and balance
  • Quality of movement


We will ask about your development, medical history and difficulties with motor skills. Following the assessment, we will discuss the outcome with you and your family, and we write up a report.

Therapy Programme

If you are living in Dublin and attending the CRC, we will develop a therapy programme for you. We will agree goals with you and we try to take your family commitments into account.

If you live outside Dublin and attend a local therapy service, we will liaise with your local team about our recommendations.


A unique programme for you

Your physiotherapy programme is unique to your specific needs. With your permission, we might video your progress for record purposes. Your therapy programme might include


  • One-to-one with the physiotherapist
  • A group therapy programme with other children or adults
  • A therapy programme with other departments of the CRC, including Speech and Language Therapy (hyperlink) or Occupational Therapy (hyperlink).



Sometimes we treat clients in the Clinic’s hydrotherapy pool. Hydrotherapy helps to relieve pain, to regain movement and to strengthen muscles, particularly following surgery. Your physiotherapist will decide if hydrotherapy is of benefit to your physiotherapy programme.


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  • Information on Tummy Time
  • Information for Dublin-based clients
  • Information for babies and toddlers based outside Dublin