How we will help you


Psychological assessments

Psychological assessment is important for many children to help work out their strengths and needs.


Psychological Assessments in the Central Remedial Clinic is a guide for parents and carers which seeks to answer any questions you might have.


Counselling for families

Our psychologists work with parents and carers to help them to come to terms with their child’s disability. They can help to indicate possible difficulties and times of significant change in their child’s life, as well as highlight strengths and resources that the family can tap into in order to make it a little easier to cope and adjust. They also provide support around the impact that the diagnosis of disability has on the whole family.



Our psychologists are trained to provide a variety of therapeutic interventions, which includes therapy for


  • Children
  • Parents and carers
  • Siblings
  • Adults with physical disabilities


Group work for children and teenagers


Our psychologists are involved in facilitating group work for children and teenagers attending the services of the CRC. Examples of group work that the psychology service has supported include


  • Drama groups
  • Social skills for teenagers with physical disability
  • Independent living skills
  • Preparation for school leavers



Booklets for families


Psychology has produced booklets which aim to help families to understand better how to manage with some areas of family life. They include


  • Building Good Behaviour
  • Managing Behaviour at Bedtime
  • Build Confidence and Beat Anxiety


These were written specifically for parents and carers of children with physical disabilities and are available to download from this webpage.



Consultation with other service providers


Our psychologists link in with therapists and healthcare professionals around social, behavioural and emotional issues for children, teenagers and adults attending our services. They also liaise with the CRC schools, and with other schools around the support of children with a disability within mainstream education.