Policy Statement:

Any type of abuse or harm is not allowed in any CRC services.

The goal of the CRC is to protect every person using its services from all abuse and harm. The CRC will give all people using their services information about adult protection and will teach them what to do if they are worried or afraid or do not feel safe in any area of their lives.

What is Abuse?

Abuse can happen in lots of different ways but there are seven main types:

  • Physical Abuse: where someone is hurt by another person. For example: hitting, slapping, pushing, burning, hurting someone while dressing/bathing them
  • Sexual Abuse: Sexual contact that one person involved does not agree to. For example: touching, showing sexual body parts, being made to look at sexual pictures, videos etc., being forced to have sex
  • Emotional Abuse: Any behaviour done on purpose which makes you upset, scared, frightened. For example: Someone shouting or cursing, or very angry with you, not helping someone when they call for help, behaviour that disrespects other people’s race or their body or their religion
  • Abuse involving money or your belongings: When someone steals your belongings or you money or takes away your control over your own money
  • Being Ignored or Not Cared for Properly: When someone is not given food, clothing, the correct medication, kept warm and clean, not given meaningful things to do, or is left alone often for a long time
  • Inappropriate Comments: about your age, race, disability, sex, sexual orientation and other comments made to hurt. Not included in groups of friends or family or in the community because of your age, race, disability or sexual orientation.


  • Abuse in Nursing Homes or Respite or Hospitals: When you are not given the right care, service and freedom while staying in these places.

Who may abuse you?

  • Family member/ relations
  • Friends
  • Staff in your Centre, a Carer, a Teacher or Medical staff
  • Strangers

Where might it happen?

  • It can happen at any time in any place. It is very important to tell someone if something happens to you.

Reporting abuse or harm

The following people all are responsible for reporting any worries about abuse or harm that they feel maybe taking place:

  • All staff
  • Volunteers
  • Students
  • CE Workers
  • Visitors
  • Visiting teachers
  • Family members and others

Who do I contact to report abuse or harm

You will need to tell one of the following:

  • Your Keyworker,
  • A staff member,
  • A Family member,
  • Your Doctor or Nurse
  • Manager

They will support you and get the help that you need.

You can also report it to the Designated Officers in the CRC, who are trained to deal with abuse and to support you.

Alison McCallion Clontarf – 01 8542414

Tommy Crampton – Coolock – 8482522

Janice Hyde – Hartstown – 8224160

Jean Oswell – Clontarf – 8542290

Catherine Stuart – Clontarf – 8542251

Breda Gavagan – Firhouse – 4621826

Noel Carroll – Raheny – 0872767235

Aoife Timothy – Clontarf – 8542380

Rose Bradley – Waterford – 051312681