CRC School, Clontarf

Who we educate

We educate

  • Children from the age of 3 to 18 years
  • Children with multiple disabilities, which means children with a primary physical disability and with other additional significant disabilities

Who we accept referrals from

  • Parents or guardians
  • Other school principals
  • Education and healthcare professionals

About our catchment area

CRC Special School, Clontarf accepts referrals for children living in north Dublin city, north Dublin and north west Dublin.

Where to send your referral

School Principal

CRC Special School

Central Remedial Clinic


Dublin 3

About enrolment

Our school enrolment policy states that only a child with a diagnosed physical disability, either by itself or as part of a multiple disability, will be enrolled.


Enrolment takes place after


  • It is decided that the CRC school is the best place for your child, based on criteria for entry and the school’s designation
  • Staffing and resources are available to meet his or her needs