Human Resources


Our Human Resources department deals with all aspects of employee relations, development and resourcing.


How you can contact us


We are located in CRC Clontarf and can be contacted by dialling the main CRC reception on +353 1 8542200.


What we do


We provide


  • A human resources service to Central Remedial Clinic employees
  • Information about recruitment and selection of prospective employees
  • Induction training to new employees
  • Up-to-date information about staffing to our stakeholders and funders in order to monitor employment


We aim to


  • Promote harmonious employee relations and ongoing employee development
  • Ensure that our policies, procedures and work practices comply with relevant employment legislation and policy


We attend professional training with recognised HR training providers to keep up-to-date on legislation and international best practice. We communicate our policies and procedures to CRC employees.


Our work also involves ongoing Health and Safety matters for the clinic.


Who we work with


We work with all employees of the CRC.

We also are in contact with people who are interested in applying for employment in the CRC.