'Break the Mould' book review by Tori

Hi my Name is Tori, I am 22 years old and I attend the Transition Programme. This essay will be a Book Report on Sinead Burke’s book ‘ Break the Mould’. I read this book and I was really inspired by it. This book talks about Advocacy, Individuality and Disability Awareness. I am really passionate about these topics.

Break the mould was written by Sinead Burke and Illustrated by Natalie Byrne. Sinead talks about her life as an advocate, her input on the world of Disability, what challenges she faces and shares stories of advocates from all around the world. The book is based on Sinead’s life and she talks about her life story so far, Sinead’s work with fashion and making fashion accessible in this book really inspired me.  I think that her work in the fashion world is so important. Fashion should include everyone, I loved the fact that Sinead got a mannequin made for her, this made fashion even more accessible for her. I believe each individual should have access to design their own mannequin and that there should be more mannequins to represent people with disabilities in shops as this would make the world more inclusive and people with disabilities would feel seen.

The plot of this book is about

  • Advocacy
  • Disability Awareness
  • Advocates and their lives
  • How to become an Advocate
  • How to speak you up for yourself


I would recommend this book to everyone, it gives people an insight into disability and makes them aware of what people go through. It is an inspiring book and a great book to read.