Universal Supports

Online Webinars/ Workshops

The CDNT in CRC Waterford have kindly put together several helpful online workshops, linked below.

Importance of Sleep in Children: Waterford South City CDNT- Sleep Workshop

Anxiety and Autism Workshop: Waterford South City CDNT- Anxiety and Autism

Emotion Regulation Workshop: Waterford South City CDNT- Understanding and Managing Emotions

Navigating Adolescence in Young People with a Disability (Part I): Waterford South City CDNT- Adolescence Workshop Part 1

Navigating Adolescence in Young People with a Disability (Part II): Waterford South City CDNT- Adolescence Workshop Part 2

Relationships, Sex & Sexuality Workshop: Waterford South City CDNT- Relationships Workshop

Self-Care For Caregivers: Waterford South City CDNT- Self Care workshop

Enable Ireland have a host of resource on their website, including a four-part series about emotion regulation delivered and kindly recorded by the psychology team in Bray.

Webinar Recording: Emotional Regulation Part 1/4 | Enable Ireland


Sleep Kit

St. Michael's House has created a series of sleep resources for anyone who would like to learn more about how to improve their sleep, or the sleep of someone they care for.


sleep kit


Enable Ireland Resource Hub

Enable Ireland provides services to over 13,000 children and adults with disabilities and their families. They have created a lagre resource hub for anyone to view.


enable irelad resources.JPG


Benefits and Entitlements - Swords CDNT

Information for Parents and Carers of Children with a Disability or Complex Needs 


Note: This list is not exhaustive and is only intended as a general guide.  It does not describe all qualifying conditions which can change from time to time.