General Services & Capital Projects

Our strategic plan for the next five years has an ambitious capital element focused on two key areas.


In 2021 we signed a service level agreement with the Department of Education and Skills to progress the development of a new DES-funded school and separate specialist and clinical services building. This exciting project is expected to cost in the region of €15 million over four years and 2022 will see an estimated €100,000 being spent on design team consultation.

In addition to this major development, we undertook capital works in 2021 to temporarily accommodate the new PDS team and to address infection-prevention control in the school.


In 2021, we appointed the design team for the Future Fit project, which is a four-year upgrade and reconfiguration of our headquarters and main premises, in response to new disability policies. This project is estimated to cost more than €25 million, with approximately half a million to be invested in 2022.

A combination of fundraised income and statutory grant income is being relied upon to fund these essential infrastructural developments. The plans will be developed in a phased manner, ensuring funds are in place to facilitate the phases underway. Now that a design team is on board, this project will move on in 2022 to focus on end-user needs, clinical adjacencies and accommodation design and stakeholder consultation.