Making a Referral

Children's disability services are for children and young people up to 18 years.

Anyone can refer a child to the CDNTs. See referral forms at the bottom of the page.

CDNTs are for children with complex needs i.e. the child has 2 or more needs, like SLT and OT. If your child has noncomplex needs they can be referred to Primary care e.g. they only require SLT.

If your child has moderate to severe mental health needs or ADHD, they can be referred to CAMHS. CDNT and CAMHS can work together so your child can attend both. Your child can only attend Primary Care or a CDNT, not both.


How the Children’s Disability Network Team works

Members of a Children’s Disability Network Team work closely together to provide a wide range of services and supports for your child and your family. They start by finding out what your main goals and priorities are for your child. This done through an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP). This helps you to work with the team towards agreed goals.

These priorities and goals will change over time and you can regularly talk over what’s important with the team. For example starting pre-school or school are very important steps in a child’s life. The team will plan with you to make this time as smooth as possible for you and your child.

Some examples of services that the children's disability team may offer:

  • Groups for children such as play for babies and toddlers, getting ready for school

  • Finding the equipment that some children need to help them take part in their school and community

  • Advice on feeding

  • Courses and talks for families on topics like how to support language development or ways you can manage your child’s behaviour

  • Parent and carer support groups

  • Groups for teenagers

Making a Referral

Step 1

children-s-services-referral-formPlease complete this referral form, along with an additional information form for your child’s age range.

Download Referral Form

Step 2

Please select the form corresponding to your child’s age:

Additional Information - Birth to 11 Months

Additional Information - 12 Months to 2 Years 11 Months

Additional Information - 3 Years to 5 Years 11 Months

Additional Information - 6 Years to 11 Years 11 Months

Additional Information - 12 Years to 18 Years

Step 3

Please send the referral form to your local CDNT, click here for contact and location information.