CRC Grandparents Group

Meet the wonderful CRC Grandparents Group who are doing it their way and fundraising for CRC and supporting our services. 10KM over 10DAYS , in their gardens, in their neighbourhoods, taking a stroll in the park, they are doing it for CRC and for their grandchildren.

“We decided to come together to show our appreciation and say thank you to the wonderful CRC staff, we are so grateful for all the support they give to our families, especially our grandchildren.”

Their fundraising is all the more special as October 6th is National Grandparents Day and they are marking the day by coming together as a dynamic group of grandparents and stepping out in style for their grandchildren. We thank them all very much. Here is a small selection of some of the wonderful stories from members of the Grandparents Group.


My name is Angela and Brendan is my husband, we are grandparents to Daniel who attends the CRC school, so we have first- hand experience of the wonderful work being done in the CRC. Daniel’s journey begins when the bus picks him up. The smiling driver and supervisor provide the start to the loving and caring atmosphere which is evident from the moment you enter the grounds, the happy children and young adults, the smiling staff and the amazing sense of equality. I wish I had more space to expand……when I asked my daughter was Dan looking forward to going back to school she said the closest explanation she could give was ‘the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa.’

The Grandparents Support Group was set up on a trial basis for six weeks in 2014 and is still going strong, allowing grandparents of a child with a disability to meet, chat and share their happy and sad times, their celebrations and worries with people who totally understand. Friendships have developed and when we meet there is great banter and fun and sometimes tears but always a close bond.

So why do we want to raise funds for the CRC – for all of the above reasons.