CRC Scene Spring 2017

09 March 2017

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I always love the spring and am perennially surprised each year at the positive impact
it has on us all. I love the new look to the newsletter and want to thank Michelle Merrigan our new Communications Manager and the communications group for all their hard work in making the improvements.

We have been so busy with all the great news stories that we have decided to separate out some of the business and CEO updates to a different communication directly from my office.

I was immensely proud to see over 140 clients and staff actively participate in a protest on campaigning to see Ireland ratify the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

For many it was their first experience of protest and I have heard directly from them how empowered they felt from it. It is great to see us support people in finding their voice and standing up for their rights.

It is great to see people getting out and about in their communities and I thank the staff who support all of these outings within and outside of normal working hours.

Enjoy this publication and do let Michelle know what you think, your feedback is always welcome.

Stephanie Manahan CEO of CRC