CRC Scene Spring 2018

26 January 2018

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Spring has hopefully sprung and I am delighted to be writing this welcome after a long winter that saw Storm Ophelia and Storm Emma challenge the entire country and our vital services.

I would like to thank you all for your dedication and commitment to our services during this time which thankfully saw minimal disruption to our clients and their families.

We are nearing the completion of the work on the Clontarf site, and while it has been challenging at times it has been overwhelmingly welcomed. The environment is so much brighter and welcoming and certainly more reflective of the modern and dynamic services we provide and the work that we do. Additionally the wider community has welcomed our pool reopening with great enthusiasm and our family room is an absolute delight.

I am really pleased to announce that the final checks, snags and approvals mean that the new Killester Hub is now ready and we are busy making plans for a community event to mark this important development for our services.

These are some of the developments that are part of our Strategic Plan ‘Towards 2021’ and I look forward to updating you on the progress of that Plan and having a lively Q&A at our Townhall meeting on Tuesday April 17th.

Enjoy this jam packed edition of our newsletter. Stephanie Manahan