CRC Scene Summer 2017

14 June 2017

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I cannot believe we are well on the way to the end of the year and for all of us here in the CRC it is always such a busy time.

Work continues on implementing the Strategic Plan and there are lots of work streams delivering an all the objectives that we set out in the plan. I am hoping to host a town hall meeting in early in 2018 to update you on the progress of the plan and to keep you up to date with CRC developments. You will remember that in 2015 we did a staff survey and we will be redoing the survey in early 2018. I am also commencing ‘Listening Lunches’. The aim of these lunches is to meet with you in your teams to listen to you and to hear your feedback on how we are doing. The key question for these sessions will be ’What is it like to work here?’ I am really looking forward to meeting with you and hearing your contributions. I also want to thank you all for your patience and co-operation while we improve our Clontarf campus; it is already looking brighter and better and a warmer place to be. Finally, to make sure everyone knows everyone, I have included a reminder of who’s who on the senior management team.

Stephanie Manahan