CRC Annual Report 2019

05 December 2019

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Established in 1951, the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) is a voluntary organisation and national charity working with children and adults with disabilities.

The voluntary sector provides 75% of the disability services in Ireland and, alongside a number of voluntary organisations andthe Health Service Executive (HSE), the CRC works to provide a variety of services to children and adults with disabilities. Weprovide general disability services along with and in partnership with the HSE and the wider disability sector, and we also provide highly specialist national services not replicated elsewhere in the sector.

Our children’s services have two main divisions, the provision of regional general disability services in Dublin and Waterford and, what sets us apart from other providers, is the provision of specialist multidisciplinary services to children with physical disabilities in every county in Ireland.

Our adult services are in Dublin and we operate them from five different locations. Adult services are built around individualised and group supports as well as education and work preparation.

We are the Trustees for two special schools which are responsible for the education of 171 children with physical and other complex disabilities.

We have an ambitious Strategic Plan that is focused on continuous improvement and growth of services in line with national policy and innovation in disability.

In 2019 we delivered against all our service contracts. We are funded through several HSE and other state grants and we also rely on donations and fundraising to support our work. We employ an average of 400 people and are supported by approximately 100 volunteers.