CRC Strategic Plan 2017-2021 - Summary

13 January 2017

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The CRC has a new Plan. This plan will tell you about what the CRC is planning to focus on for the next 5 years.

It is called a Strategic Plan.

The Plan will tell you what we will change and what we want to do better.

We hope everyone will be proud of what we are doing and proud to be part of the CRC.

The Plan will help us to improve our local services, our training services, our children’s services and our specialist services, which we provide around the country. The Plan will make sure that we do what you need.

The Plan will also make sure that when people give us money we will spend it the way they want us to. The Plan will make sure we have ways of talking to you and listening to what you and our staff have to say.

Your voice is important to us. Your thoughts on what we do and how we do it are also important and you will have a chance to tell us how you feel about the services.

Staff, adults, children, families and carers told us their ideas on what we could do better and how we could improve. These ideas have helped us decide how to run the CRC over the next 5 years.