CRC Strategic Plan 2022-2026

21 September 2022

CRC Strategic Plan 2022-2026
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Guided by our mission, vision, and values, and given the context of disability services in Ireland and our position in the disability landscape, as elaborated previously, our new strategic plan focuses on expanding and broadening the foundations we have already established with Towards 2021.

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Our next five-year strategic plan aims to create an environment of excellence, culture, growth, and partnerships, in which we can expand and integrate our disability services into wider national care initiatives for the benefit of children and adults with disabilities.

As the strategy is implemented over the next five years (2022–2026), we will build on our established portfolio, inclusive of high-quality services (Adults, Children’s, and National Specialist Services), impactful research and education, sustainability, information, and IT.

Evidence from world-leading disability organisations suggests that supporting clients and understanding their needs results in the best improved health initiatives, outcomes and person-centred approaches. This five-year strategy is the next plan for us to promote and provide client-centred care to the highest standards of quality, safety, and excellence, and in doing so achieve the vision of people with disabilities achieving their potential and living full lives as equal and valued citizens.