Reporting our Gender Pay Gap 2022

As an organisation with more than 250 employees, we are very happy to report on our gender pay gap in line with the requirements set out in the Information Act 2021.


Download our Gender Pay Gap Report for 2022


CRC has become one of the largest and most progressive providers of services to children and adults with disabilities in Ireland, and it is very important to us that we respect and reflect the diversity in the community that we serve.

We are strongly committed to supporting a fair and equal workplace, and publishing our gender pay gap helps us to benchmark our position, and progress in this important care sector. We are a team of professional and highly committed experts in our field, and we will use the data from this report to inform the culture pillar which is part of our 5-year strategic plan.

We are somewhat unusual in that our gender pay gap is a negative rather than a positive figure, which reflects the existing gender balance in our current structures. However, that will not diminish our intent, as with all other employers reporting across Ireland, to drive progress in building our talent in an equal and progressive way.

Alison McCallion, Interim CEO