The Assistive Technology & Specialised Seating department (ATSS) provides a highly specialised consultative and recommendation service for people with physical disabilities. The department covers:-

  • Moulded & Modular specialised seating
  • Specialist manual and power chair options
  • Power chair access
  • Environmental Control
  • AAC Communication systems
  • Computer Access
  • Educational technology

We also deliver high level education and training programmes both national and internationally.

The ATSS department is a National Service with bases in Dublin, Limerick and Waterford, and 15 outreach centres in other areas of the country.

ATSS also has a comprehensive outreach clinical and technical programme, with special purpose vehicles if needed. The ATSS team is a multi-disciplinary team including senior physiotherapists, senior occupational therapists, senior speech and language therapists, clinical engineering technicians and administrators.

Provision is made for both custom and off the shelf solutions for our clients and is fully compliant with Medical Devices Directives. ATSS applies a multidisciplinary approach to service delivery with clinical, technical and administrative staff playing key roles in overall service delivery. Client referrals are generally those with high level complex requirements, including severe physical limitations and disability, high risk pressure care and frequently health and safety issues.

MDT Team: Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Clinical Engineer, Seating Technician, Electronic Engineer. Speech Language Therapist

General Referral Criteria:

  • Any person with:
    • a primary complex physical disability


    • dual diagnosis (physical and intellectual disability)


    • a complex neurological and/or neuromuscular disorder

who requires:

  • specialised postural support and mobility to optimise function within their daily lives


  • technology for communication, alternative access to electronic assistive technology solutions for education, employment, mobility, leisure or community-based activities

This may include:

  • Any person whose posture or mobility needs can only be met with a high level of specialist input resulting in recommendations which may use combinations of customised and off-the-shelf equipment.
  • Any person with specialised postural support needs who can control a powered wheelchair but is unable to use standard joystick controls.
  • Any person with complex communication needs who requires high tech Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems and aids
  • Any person requiring multiple items of assistive technology integrated via a wheelchair control system
  • Any person who requires a second opinion from another service, who will be offered a once-off assessment appointment cooperatively with their existing service. This consultative service is offered only where it is possible for the local team and family to attend the CRC clinic closest to them.
  • Children who require complex access solutions (switch and/or eye-gaze technology) within the education setting.
  • Children who present with complex postural needs, requiring customised postural support, who have been referred by their Children’s Disability Network Team, Primary Care service or hospital team

General Exclusion Criteria:

Exclusion criteria for Specialised Seating and Mobility:

  • People who do not require specialised seating
  • Any person who self-referred but does not consent to us contacting their Primary care team for further information and involvement.
  • Ambulant people who do not require customised seating, postural support or hi/low bases
  • We do not provide assessment for car seating or scooters or basic comfort chairs.

Exclusion criteria for Assistive Technology (AT):

  • We do not accept referrals for assessments for standard equipment (e.g., laptop without need for an alternative access) for clients with non-complex AT needs or software assessments.
  • We do not accept AAC referrals for people who are not involved with Speech and Language Therapy services.

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