Lower Limb and Spine Orthopaedic Clinics

Please note: Ms Cassidy no longer attends the CRC for clinics but queries about her children can be made through above contact.

Ms Kelly and Ms Egan are running a very limited number of monthly clinics

The Orthopaedic Clinic (Lower Limb & Spine) is a National Consultant led multidisciplinary service.  This service is for children up to 16 years who present with a primary physical disability and orthopaedic needs.  This includes lower limb and spinal orthopaedic issues that arise in association with their primary physical disability.  Children with orthopaedic needs commonly need an integrated pathway of care and this clinic works with a variety of other CRC specialist services including Gait Lab, Tone Management clinics and ATSS.  Support and advice to families, carers and local CDNTs are essential to ensure that children are supported in their communities.   

MDT Team: Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Physiotherapist

General Referral Criteria:

  • Presents with physical disability.
  • Up to age 16 years as surgical options are limited for new referrals after this age.
  • Requires orthopaedic assessment, monitoring or intervention.
  • Does not meet criteria for tone management through another specialist clinic.
  • Clients with Neuromuscular conditions - pathway separate from main orthopaedic clinic pathway.

On acceptance, referrals are prioritised as follows-


Contact Email:

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or Specialist Services Referrals, CRC, Vernon Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3